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The Cyclists-The Big Day
From the King County Public Art Collection, "The Morning Commute", 2021
20 under 20 Bellevue Arts Museum
Hanging Out IV
The Studio
Changes III
Color changing sky
A walk after it rained
Limited edition ORCA card design
Hanging Out


Redmond Lights 2021 December 1, 2021- January 5, 2022

"Bike Stories" is selected to be part of this year's 2021 Redmond Lights celebration. My work will consist of 2 things, a lighted structure and a projected moving images for the BUOYANT art installation.

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New Square up Store

Launching new limited edition 2022 Wall Art Calendar now available for purchase this holiday season

New Saatchi Art store for my paintings



I was chosen as one of the artists who will put their artwork on Limited Edition ORCA card. Orca card is a bus transit pass to ride bus across puget sound Washington.

Organized by 4culture this was a huge opportunity for me to reach new audience. 

"The Morning Commute" is now part of the King County Public Art collection. This piece 

was the selected art to be placed on the ORCA card.




FUTURE Pier 63 VR exhibition - Seattle Waterfront project

Nov 2020 - Feb 2021

Led by Seattle Artist in Residence Takiyah Ward. I am selected as part of 5 youth artist that take part in this project. Seattle just revitalized the Seattle waterfront. I am excited to introduced you to all the wonderful artist  and partners that be came part of this celebration.




Past: (artwork to come)

Process & Partners:

More about Takiyah:

Landing PAGE - Future Forward AIR:


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