Redmond Lights 2021 

"Bike Stories"

I want to create a simple installation that is inspired by everybody’s bike stories. I grew up here, in fact Marymoor Park was where I first learn and finally took off my training wheels. I love to ride bike here and Derby Days is the highlight of my summer. The pandemic has been hard but I think riding my bike has been a source of comfort for me. These works are intended for people remember to relive and remember how the bikes are our most memorable, joyous experience. I also want to invite the community to tell me their bike stories through social media, Instagram @reydaoed @cityofredmond #cyclistsofinstagram #bikestories #redmondlights2021 Tell me and share your pictures with me, I will share them on my instagram!! 

Title "That is my bike!", acrylic on canvas, 24x36 in
completed October 2021

This work I want to capture the different bike communities through the different types of bike, eg mountain bikes, race bikes, cruisers, e-bikes, adaptive recumbent, etc. I started with tricycle because that was how most people start with.  I want you to tell me which one you had experienced with or are you using bikes that are not mentioned here. Tell me!

Share your pictures with me @reydaoed @cityofredmond #cyclistsofinstagram #bikestories #redmondlights2021

Title "The story of a regular bike deconstructed to be an adaptive bike!", acrylic on canvas, 24x36 in, completed November 2021

I was inspired by the cubist movement and Giacomo Balla's work that recorded movement. For this project, I want to deconstruct a bike and rethink how each bike parts are used in a slightly different way in an adaptive bike.

To learn more about adaptive bike, select cycling menu, please visit this link to our local organization who provides recreation for people with disability.

Title "Cyclists-The Big Day", acrylic on canvas, 24x36 in, completed November 2021

Inspired by cyclists at Redmond's Derby Days who trained hard for the big day. From dark to light, this presentation is part painting part performance. During the pandemic, riding my bike is something that gives me joy.